An Almost Perfect Reading Session


Because I work a day job while trying to being a writer, I have to take my moments of productivity when I can get them. Now don’t let me fool you; it is a rare thing to find me writing after work. I usually binge on my days off. But on the off-chance that I can get something accomplished, I tend to carry with me whatever chapter/poem/outline I’m working on to look over on my lunch break to, ideally, make a dabble of progress. Of this one hour time slot for writing-related work, I dedicate about 15 minutes to the preparation of my lunch and the consuming thereof (again, don’t let me fool you: it’s almost all prep. I inhale food like a soldier in the chow hall).

You’re probably wondering why I’m yammering on about writing–and eating–when this post is about reading. Well, I’ve had a lot of coffee today, so you’re just gonna have to deal with my digressions. Now, though this is my designated writing time, I just so happen to have a Write Night tonight, and I have already completed my chapters and sent them off to my best friend/writing partner’s capable hands. In keeping with the lunch theme, I have also already devoured her chapters.

Necessities for Write Night critique sessions: good food, CAFFEINE, and colorful gel pens, duh

Necessities for Write Night critique sessions: good food, CAFFEINE, and colorful gel pens, duh

So, having accomplished all of these grand tasks, I thought I’d let myself indulge in some relaxing reading. I had two things to choose from: a One Story, entitled “Claire, the Whole World” (really good so far) sent to me in a carefully crafted care package by the illuminous* and industrious, Carie Juettner, or Dracula (I have 15 pages left; I’m so close!). But I’m not going to tell you what I chose, because what I read doesn’t matter. The point is, that hour–or 45 minutes realistically speaking–of drowsy-after-lunch-hot-afternoon tranquility was beautiful. And in that sublime state, you will sometimes find that your thoughts lilting on some strange, almost surreal, bend to whatever you’re reading, but for the life of you, you can’t recall the thought when you come to. This is a uniquely satisfying state to read a book in.

This isn’t the perfect state to read a book in, because let’s face it, if you have to pay attention, this is actually the opposite way you should consume the reading material. But it can be deemed an almost perfect reading session, which brings us to our list of requirements for–yep, you guessed it–an almost perfect reading session:

  • 1 comfy chair
  • an even climate (preferably a controlled one if it’s 108 outside like it is here)
  • a spot of tea or coffee-yes, even in the afternoon
  • a full, happy tummy
  • a kitty on my lap would have been nice, but alas we have no office cats. I will have to retry this entire thing on my day off
Doesn't she look so damn cuddly?

Doesn’t she look so damn cuddly?

  • And finally, a really good book. You can use an e-reader, but it really isn’t the same. You can argue with me, but I stand by that statement 😉

So eat your lunch–please, chew your food–gather your chair and book and kitty and settle in for a lovely afternoon of reading/dozing/almost-perfect contentment.

*Pretty sure I made that word up

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6 Responses to An Almost Perfect Reading Session

  1. TAWilliams says:

    I have a 45 minute commute to & from work so I also rarely write when I get home from work & when I do is for a very short period of time. I try to fit the majority of my writing in the early morning hours, especially during the weekends!

    • A. B. Davis says:

      Yes, for some reason, morning is always more productive! Maybe it’s the lovely combination of hot coffee, cool morning daylight, and that freshly rested feeling. 🙂 Thanks for reading.

  2. Thoughts while reading this:
    – Ooo! She called me “illuminous”!
    – Is that a real word?
    – Hmm, there is an asterisk.
    – It’s already 108 degrees there?!?! Holy crap!
    – Aww! Pretty kitty! I love how she holds her paws. 🙂
    – Yep, she made it up.

    This is an excellent recipe! I have the full stomach, the comfy chair, the AC, and the book. I’m off to grab a cat.

  3. ElleKurz says:

    Substitute “cat” with “dog” and it’s genius, Davis. GENIUS!


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