Finding Peace in the Little Things

Image by natural artist, Andy Goldsworthy

Today is one of those glorious days where writing just flows out of me–including a blog entry! So I wanted to stop and appreciate the little things that make all of this worth it–‘this’ being the hell I’m enduring with my rewrite. >_<

A highly underappreciated little thing is the magic of finding a story’s first words. “At Twilight” is a WIP that has been restlessly rolling around in my head for almost a year now  (you can read more about it on my Finished and Unfinished Works page). Though I was so excited about it, I could not bring myself to sit down and start the dang thing. And today, out of the blue the first line came to me:

“Vivian started drinking her coffee black after Jimmy died.”

This pic I took suits "At Twilight" so well
This pic I took suits “At Twilight” so well

After this first line arrived (it doesn’t sound like much but I was pretty damn excited about it), swiftly followed by the story’s first two paragraphs, I let myself shamelessly revel in the Republic-esque adage: “I was born to be a writer”. There is an inexplicable peace that overcomes you when you realize you are doing precisely what you’re supposed to be doing. Cheesy I know, and I do not believe that people have to be born with a talent to hone it, but let’s just accept it for now and move onto the productivity these positive moments engender.

My second poem, “The Order of Felis Domestica“, is slated for publication in the fall issue of From the Depths, enticingly entitled “The Space Between”, from Haunted Waters Press.

Click the pic to submit your own work for consideration!

Here’s what this issue entails, taken from the website:

“The Fall 2014 issue of From the Depths will feature visually artistic works blending both the real and the fantastic to create a stunning and unique look at the ordinary.  Explore the spaces between dreaming and waking, truth and fabrication, reality and illusion. Experimental literature,  surrealism, and  magical realism desired, but not essential.  We seek a range of works from the sublime to the quirky, the nostalgic to the profound, the familiar to the distinctive and haunting. “

For those of you who’ve read my work (Elle Kurz and Carie Juettner basically) you know this is my favorite kind of writing–the stuff from the spaces between. This literary magazine is a beautiful, well-organized effort by editors, Susan Warren Utley and Savannah Renée Spidalieri. You can check out the gorgeous “The Objects of our Desire” issue that just came out June 26th here.

Lastly, I want to nominate for the underappreciated “little things” that moment when a poem springs out of your head that had been squeaking around up there for months, days, or hours and it’s suddenly like the hinges have been oiled, because everything just swings together. The most recent poem that was born in this fashion has been entered with two others to the first of four contests I plan to enter this year. I was also able to encourage my best friend/critique buddy, the aforementioned Elle Kurz, to make her first submission to this contest as well. 🙂 Whether or not either of us wins or gets accepted, this is still one step of many toward the dream we’re both already living: writing. That’s why it’s important to appreciate the small–though oftentimes magnificent–pleasures; because sometimes in the thick of it, we can’t see the forest for the trees (God, I’ve used an awful lot of clichés here). Though we may not win this or that contest or get this or that poem published right now, we’re still building the dream word by word every day. And each word makes it reality.


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