Why I Love Fall


I’ve been in such a good mood lately that I’m weirding myself out. I’m stopping to enjoy things I already like even more. Like the comforting sound of a new audio book (The Night Swimmer is so attuned for this weather), revisiting a favorite classic read (the tales of Edgar Allan Poe), the warm, cuddly feeling of needing a blanket while watching a movie on the couch or reading outside at night, and the mingling of hot coffee and sweet pastry. So what makes me love these things even more than I already do? The title did not deceive you—fall. Fall is why I can appreciate these luxuries and little treats to a higher degree. It’s like the antithesis of seasonal depression.

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday as a kid. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve lost some of the holiday spirit but the love of all things spooky remains, and more specifically, my love of the subtle shift in the weather this time of year, first in the dead of evening, and then, that dropping temperature creeps outward from the deepest night like an ink spill until it finally reaches the day to dampen our raging summer sun.


I hope to remind you all to stop and appreciate the things that make fall wonderful. Here are a few reasons I love fall. Please leave your reasons in the comments!

I love the way fall makes me happy to wake up in the morning, the way it sates that feeling I’ve had all summer, an inexplicable yearning.

I love the smell and chill in the air. I don’t even mind the little bit of frizz in my hair (okay, a lot of frizz, and I do kind of mind).

I love fall-scented candles of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, and warm, hearty meals with names that end in surprise.

I love the impending month of letting all fears go in a sprint to 50,000 words and going, perhaps, a little insane.

I love breathing in scents of rain, and after rain, and before rain.

I love reading on the porch at dusk or dawn, long sleeves brushing arms, and soft scarves made of yarn.

I love the changing of the leaves—seasonal barometers—from green to red, yellow, and brown, and driving with the windows down.

I love hot cocoa, hot tea, and all manner of toasty treats in between. Apparently, everything I love about fall revolves around eating. So be it.


Here are some other awesome fall and Halloween related blog posts. A little something for everyone, I’m sure.

7 thoughts on “Why I Love Fall”

    1. They totally do! I was thinking about that as I wrote this–remembering having read it when you wrote it somewhere 🙂 I am so bad at baking, and yet, I feel that urge too! It’s crazy. Thank you for your comment, Annie!


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