The Things To Come

The things to come…it sounds like a horror novel, but it’s just the title of this post about some updates.

I expected this picture to be creepier, but I guess that's hard to achieve five months pregnant and wearing a hoodie from the tourist shop
I expected this picture to be creepier, but I guess that’s hard to achieve five months pregnant and wearing a hoodie from the tourist shop

Publications: Free download and a plug

In June, I had a short story published in a YA horror anthology, Growing Pains, edited by Rich Dodgin. My horror story, “Blue”, is an attempt to exorcise my childhood fear of clowns, though I’m pretty sure this story just resuscitated that fear. Anyway, I had yet to plug it, and I thought now would be as good a time as any, especially with two chil’en on the way. I need to start self-promoting for their college fund after all.

The anthology is a pretty nifty collection well worth your money as it boasts a whopping twenty-six stories and a comic strip. Excellent stories by my friends and critique partners are Carie Juettner‘s “Girl in the Attic” and Lisa Kurz‘s “Squeeze”. There are other gems and some unique takes on the hard parts of growing up–not to mention the horrific parts of it.

Now for the free download. The anthology I was published in before Growing Pains, The Faces of the Crying Girl, edited by Jessica West, will be free from Kindle August 31st to September 4th. “Kara” was my first short story to ever see the light of publication. Thank you Alexander for making that happen and to all the other authors who have made it an anthology I’m proud to be a part of. Read author interviews on what inspired them about the original story here.

Love this art by Victor Pozzi for The Crying Girl
Love this art by Victor Pozzi for The Crying Girl

This project is unique in that all of the stories interpret one, foundation story, making for a cohesive anthology that delivers entertainment via well-conceived prose. So check it out if you’re trying to determine whether you’re a fan of my work or not, or if you’re just looking for a good evening escape. If you do download The Faces of the Crying Girl or buy Growing Pains, please be sure to review. It will help out all of the authors involved in both projects. And keep in mind that when The Faces of the Crying Girl goes back on sale, any review or RT or share can contribute to sales that will be turned into donations for Read more about it here.

Parallel Counterparts

My hubby is in the process of recording an instrumental, acoustic guitar album for my twin daughters. You know that college fund I joked about above? Well, now I’m not joking. Revenue from sales will go into a savings for my bookworm babies. The cost of the complete album, due to release on the projected birthdate of my twins* will be comparable to the super low pricing we have up for the demo album (or the songs individually, if you have a favorite like I do–‘Plurality’). For all my writer-readers, it’s good music to have playing in the background while writing. I know. I do it on a regular basis when he’s playing. 🙂 For anyone who isn’t a writer and cannot see any use for it, trust me, it’s good stuff. Listen to the demo if you don’t believe me.

*11/18/2015 Update: We’ve been a little busy. So he has been unable to rerecord the album. We’re hoping to after the girls get their circadian rhythms down and we can get more than three hours of sleep in a row! 🙂 You can still listen to and/or buy the three demo songs in the meantime.

Website Make-Over!

Lastly, I am in the process of conceptualizing my ‘about’ page finally. These stinking things are difficult! I will also be doing some aesthetic renovations as my current banner image gives very little information about me as a writer. Of course, in the meantime, if you go to my ‘Work in Progress‘ page, you can get a pretty good idea of my inner darkness. In addition to a new look and about page, I will be unveiling two new functions/services on my website that you might find some use for. Sign up to receive this blog’s updates in your email to find out what the new goodies are.

Support the author!

Already bought my works but still want to donate to my girls’ aforementioned college fund? Click the image to donate safely through Paypal. Every little bit counts.


6 thoughts on “The Things To Come”

  1. I just downloaded The Faces of the Crying Girl and I’ll listen to the demo when my iTunes gets its act together. (I think it wants to download an upgrade or something first.) And thanks for mentioning my story. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the new features of your website!


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