Giveaway winners!

My Blogoversary giveaway ended last night at 11:59 PM PST. And the winners are…

Drema Drudge –You won House of Leaves, my most favoritest novel ever! (After reading your most recent post, I think this is perfect for you, you theory-head!)

Annie Neugebauer  –You won The Catcher in the Rye, my most beloved, well-read, old friend of a novel. I hope you like it!

Carie Juettner –You won Jane Eyrecontender for my favorite novel (against Villette) by my favorite author, Charlotte Brontë! I wish I could get a copy with that cover from the previous post…

Congratulations to the winners. Thank you for being part of my blog family, everyone. And for the winners, you will soon be holding three pieces (horcruxes) of my soul. Take good care.

Lastly, it appears my timing could not have been better, as it is also National Booklover’s Day today. Please go tweet a shelfie, make a book recommendation on goodreads, or just go to the library and read something, you bibliophiles!

Courtesy of BookBub


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