The Wake

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My flash horror story, “The Wake”, is out today in Jamais Vu, a Post Mortem Press newsletter. It appears alongside an interesting bit of history behind Mozart’s Concerto in C minor number 24,  some fun Halloween poems, and a tense labyrinthine story that seems to take place in an M.C. Escher drawing. I had the pleasure of encountering Post Mortem Press at the World Horror Convention last year, and I am ecstatic to be included in their revamped monthly newsletter. You can sign up to receive it by email here.

This story is a special one to me, as it is based on one of the outrageous stories my Grandma was always telling me. Have fun trying to decipher the fact from the fiction. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Click here to read “The Wake”.

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

5 thoughts on “The Wake”

  1. Congratulations, Ashley! This is one of the first stories you ever shared with me, and I’m thrilled to see that it’s found a home. I just read it again and loved it. The part about the “hand hooked round my neck” always gets me. 🙂

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  3. That is a very fine piece of scary story telling and I, for one, won’t sleep tonight. That such a macrabre scene is witnessed by your grey eye was a nice touch as was that neck hooking hand. Elderly relatives seem to be adept at such manoeuvres. Well done on getting it published but they would have been foolish not to. 🙂


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