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Finding Peace in the Little Things

Today is one of those glorious days where writing just flows out of me–including a blog entry! So I wanted to stop and appreciate the little things that make all of this worth it–‘this’ being the hell I’m enduring with my … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Editor

This past year or so I’ve learned that writing is a lot like gardening, for me anyway. I love plants, and I tried my damndest to be a nurturing, green-thumbed plant momma. Unfortunately, I used to kill literally everything I touched, which … Continue reading

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Failing NaNoWriMo

The title is pessimistic and depressing, but I swear I’m okay. No, really. I felt like I should write down my experience with NaNoWriMo though (yet another means of procrastinating to write on my novel?). I started this month jubilant … Continue reading

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To those who “know” me

I apologize for having to tell you like this, but it is truly the best way. I cannot go on pretending like nothing is the matter, and I fear you will think I have been trying to keep it secret … Continue reading

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