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If you want to write, write

I doubt myself as a writer a lot. Despite knowing this is part of the fear-before-leaping process after finishing a project, I doubt myself anew each and every time. After all, who do I think I am to write a … Continue reading

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To Pen a Name for Thyself (Pros and Cons of Pen Names)

Or to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune… Some of you may have noticed I have decided to change my publishing name to my actual name from the initialed, androgynous version of it, A. B. Davis. This is sometimes … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Silence Your Inner Editor

This past year or so I’ve learned that writing is a lot like gardening, for me anyway. I love plants, and I tried my damndest to be a nurturing, green-thumbed plant momma. Unfortunately, I used to kill literally everything I touched, which … Continue reading

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An Object Is Never Just an Object

This is a short piece in response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge posted February 24th. Dishes  A dish seems such a simple object. Its essence remains intact even as it morphs in pattern, size, and color to fit the … Continue reading

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