Mom of Multiples: A Diary

…she brought forth a tiny scrap of a boy, who opened blue-black eyes and studied her with sleepy wisdom, and whose suckling was a dragging ache in her breast, and whose tiny ruddy fists kneaded her as though he was quite deliberately reshaping her and making her into someone altogether new… 

—Longbourn, Jo Baker


On September 23, 2015, I became a mom of multiples. I gave birth to twin baby girls. I have decided to share the experience of being a new parent to these amazing little girls, including all the challenges, scary and beautiful moments, and hilarious times. My hope is that my experiences will help someone else along this same path or a similar one. Please find my diary entries in order of their publication below.

11/9/2015      My Birth Story

12/16/2015    Giving Thanks for Breastfeeding