3 Year Blogoversary: Recap and Giveaway!


To celebrate my three year blogoversary (who knew these existed!), I want to thank you for taking your valuable time to come here and interact with me and my work. 

Thank you for your encouragement and feedback these last three years. Thank you for all of your wonderful blogs out there which have inspired me. Thank you to those of you who may not make your presence known but who are lurking reading nevertheless. 😉  I’m sure other bloggers can agree that it all makes a huge difference to know you’re not posting in a void, to know that others are out there, on the other side of the screen, listening. I appreciate it all.

Before we get to the goods…


You can always see my highest traffic posts in my side bar on the right there, but here is a small selection I think pretty well represents what I’m about.

Writer’s Lot

This was one of my top five posts for a long time. I enjoyed writing it and it hits close to home for me. I was a little surprised at the serious and thoughtful responses.

The Dissonance Between Experience and Writing Place

The discussion this one garnered was enlightening and enjoyable. Yet another topic that bears quite a bit of significance for me: travel.

An Object is Never Just an Object 

A short fiction piece.

Night Fishing

Less of a blog post, and more of a nonfiction vignette about my first experience night fishing.

Sharon Olds: Writing the Extraordinary Ordinary

A current top post, this is a review of the poet and two of her bodies of work.

Recovering from NaNoWriMo

As I revisit these most frequented posts, I am seeing a pattern. Writing-related, non-fiction/fiction/personal essay, and reading-related. This is another one of those posts geared more toward writers than people who I hope will be my future readers. But hey, other writers can also like my work. And apologies for so many of these kinds of posts, but as a writer I need a community, people. We can be a sad, lonely bunch.

The things I focused on in the beginning have changed as I have learned what my audience is more receptive to and interested in (this is an ever developing learning curve). I have changed so much as a person and a writer. And that’s what the giveaway is about.

Giveaway Rules

I will be giving away three favorite books of mine, each representing different genres that have had huge effects on me as a reader, writer, and human being, each continuing to shape me, years after reading them.


Catcher in the Rye–The one book I’ve read 10+ times. A staple in YA and literature
House of Leaves–my favorite horror story ever. Gritty, literary, and chilling

Jane Eyre--I immediately fell in love with this novelTaking in into account any writer’s entire body of work–though I have not yet read Shirley–Charlotte Bronte is my favorite author.

Please note these will be second hand books; I appreciate books that have a history to them. Or maybe I’m just short on cash. 😉

To enter the giveaway, comment on this post. Earn a second entry by sharing this post on social media. If you use Twitter, include my handle, @shleybdavis. With any other social media, email me a link (email on my contact page). If you want to comment on the post, but do not want to be entered, please let me know. The giveaway ends August 8th, 11:59 PST. I will randomly select winners, who will have to provide me with their address for shipping (only US, as I cannot afford international shipping costs). Or, if you’re not in the US and you win, I will gift you an ebook version of your prize–though that might be a little awkward with House of Leaves, if there even is an ebook version.

Looking back, do you think you’ve changed in the last three years? If you blog, what are some things you’ve learned that you’d like to share? Whether you blog or don’t, have you been grateful for any recent experiences?

Excuses and Updates


Wow. It’s been a long time since I updated. But I have a really good excuse: Twins! Having a baby–let alone two, at once!–really messes with your sense of time. So apologies for my delay. I have been in the ambiguous and surprisingly fast-moving state of ‘baby time’, which means very little time for oneself in the first few weeks…er, months. No, years. The first 18 years. When the baby either of us is holding at a time sleeps or if the heavens open and both are sleeping, we are torn between addressing our essential needs (food, bathing, relieving bladders), doing something for ourselves like reading a few pages or god, listening to music–I realized how much I missed that in the first couple weeks and promptly added some daily dancing/singing time to my time alone with the babies–or just passing out ourselves. So it might be a little longer than I had anticipated for the feature updates to my blog.

In the meantime, I’ll be working on some posts for a type of diary as a mom of multiples (Look at all these promises I keep making. I have every intention of following through, I just don’t know how long it will take). With this diary, I want to help the other people like me out there who had no idea what they were going to be facing. And hopefully it will give some good laughs to anyone who’s just curious. I have to write something, and since these girls consume most of my hours in a 24 hour period, what better subject matter? Also, I want to remember everything about this time. Thus, followers of my blog will be privy to tales about my twinkies at some vague point in the future. Look, I can’t make any promises on a timeline when I don’t even know when I’ll be able to fold the laundry. 😉

For now, here are links to some of my more productive friends’ blogs. Annie is hosting an ‘All Hallow’s Read’ giveaway and will be posting some deliciously dark poems throughout the month. Carie has some eerie stories about subbing and nine Halloween-related posts from last year (she is kind of a Halloween expert with her birthday being on the very same All Hallow’s Eve).

And from an era where time was more plentiful, here are some of my own fall/October/Halloween-related posts and things:

Thank you, readers, for bearing with me during this time of so little time.