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6 Reads of Unexpected Horror

My sisters and I used to have an ongoing competition to see who could scare the other two the most by jumping out at them. I never begrudged them whenever they would win, because it meant that I had been … Continue reading

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Excuses and Updates

Wow. It’s been a long time since I updated. But I have a really good excuse: Twins! Having a baby–let alone two, at once!–really messes with your sense of time. So apologies for my delay. I have been in the ambiguous … Continue reading

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A Theory on Fear

First of all, Happy Halloween! With the season and all, I have been indulging in some creepy pastimes. Being the painfully inquisitive person that I am (no, seriously, people hate my incessant question-asking), I’ve spent a lot of time trying … Continue reading

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Why I Love Fall

I’ve been in such a good mood lately that I’m weirding myself out. I’m stopping to enjoy things I already like even more. Like the comforting sound of a new audio book (The Night Swimmer is so attuned for this … Continue reading

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WOW! (Women On Writing) Guest Post

I am very excited to present to you all my guest post on The Muffin, 5 Reasons To Tell People You’re A Writer. I’ve been holding this post back for some time, waiting for the perfect home. It appears today as … Continue reading

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