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Gut Instinct

For my birthday last year, my husband gave me Jane Hirshfield’s Come, Thief. I remember picking it up, devotedly caressing its pages, being slightly disappointed by the cover that was not the one I wanted, then chastising myself for being picky. I remember … Continue reading

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Finding Peace in the Little Things

Today is one of those glorious days where writing just flows out of me–including a blog entry! So I wanted to stop and appreciate the little things that make all of this worth it–‘this’ being the hell I’m enduring with my … Continue reading

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Organic Vs. Outlining

Why it matters… This argument has been raging for centuries at least. I do not presume to tell anyone to change their process but to present the sides, devil’s-advocate style, and justify why I lean the way I do between these two. My prewriting, … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Survive Rewrite Hell

Rewriting is HARD. Rewriting will make you want to throw your computer out a window. I keep telling myself there’s some sort of formula here, there’s gotta be some equation for success, completion, and contentment with this novel that I … Continue reading

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