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Stranger Things

If you haven’t started streaming Stranger Things, you need to. Like, now. Still not convinced by that epic promo art? Then allow me… Fellow Children of the 80s, if you cannot watch the opening scenes and credit sequence without feeling it strike a … Continue reading

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Stephen King: The Metallica of Literature

*If you know nothing of Stephen King’s Carrie, this may contain a spoiler or two.  Hypothesis Not to make generalizations here, but almost everyone likes Metallica. Fine. Let me correct my hyperbole: the vast majority of people who have heard … Continue reading

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A Theory on Fear

First of all, Happy Halloween! With the season and all, I have been indulging in some creepy pastimes. Being the painfully inquisitive person that I am (no, seriously, people hate my incessant question-asking), I’ve spent a lot of time trying … Continue reading

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Organic Vs. Outlining

Why it matters… This argument has been raging for centuries at least. I do not presume to tell anyone to change their process but to present the sides, devil’s-advocate style, and justify why I lean the way I do between these two. My prewriting, … Continue reading

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6 Ways to Survive Rewrite Hell

Rewriting is HARD. Rewriting will make you want to throw your computer out a window. I keep telling myself there’s some sort of formula here, there’s gotta be some equation for success, completion, and contentment with this novel that I … Continue reading

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