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Letting Joy In

Yesterday, a writer friend of mine announced that she signed on with a respectable agent at one of the big publishing houses. I’ve been following her journey since at least 2012. This person is one of the sweetest, hardest working, talented … Continue reading

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Recovering from NaNoWriMo

So here we are, almost a week into December. Throughout these past few days, as I continue working on my novel–which I still love writing by the way–I have nevertheless begun to feel a malaise settle over me. I get into these slumps sometimes … Continue reading

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Failing NaNoWriMo

The title is pessimistic and depressing, but I swear I’m okay. No, really. I felt like I should write down my experience with NaNoWriMo though (yet another means of procrastinating to write on my novel?). I started this month jubilant … Continue reading

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