Published Works

fromthedepthshello horrorASPoA0001Spring 2021


Bonesetting,” Months to Years, March 2021

Time Consuming” (with audio), Liquid Imagination, Issue 40, February 2019

The Stages of Grief in Four Parts,” A Sharp Piece of Awesome, May 2016

Nest,” Eunoia Review, February 2016

The Order of Felis Domestica,” From the Depths, Fall 2014

The Insolubility of Nightmares,Hello Horror, October 2013

Short Stories

“Feud,” The Grey Rooms Podcast, forthcoming 2021

“The Wake”Jamais Vu, October 2016

“Blue,” Growing Pains, Sinister Saints (a Horrified Press imprint), June 2015

“Kara,” The Faces of the Crying Girl, Hair Brained Press, April 2015

“Dishes”, response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Writing Challenge, February 2014


5 Reasons to Tell People You’re a Writer“, The Muffin (, Friday Speak Out!, October 10, 2014

A Fearful Admiration“, Dark Moon Digest’s blog “Last Writes”, August 2014

Graduate thesis

Violence Begetting Reverence: Natural Evil as “the pulsebeat of the world” in Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian, February 2013 


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