A State of Gratitude

Image of Sycamore tree leaves against blue sky

“Gratitude is a powerful emotion to use for manifesting because normally we feel gratitude after we receive something. So the emotional signature of gratitude means it has already happened.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

And maintaining a state of gratitude creates an environment conducive to receiving what you want, because energy takes the path of least resistance. It’s science (😏).

I am grateful.

I am grateful for the warmth of my children in my arms, dense with blood and breath and bone–solid, squeezable, kissable. I am grateful for their cough and my gritty eyes from being kept awake by their cold, because it means their bodies are strong enough to fight to keep them healthy. I am grateful for soft and swelling music and lyrics that bring tears to my eyes. I am grateful for the turn of summer to fall at night and the wind whispering through the trees. I am grateful for the cold sip of a beer, the hot sip of black coffee, and the cool sip of clean water. I am grateful for the look of understanding–almost telepathic in nature–shared with my partner over the heads of our children. I am grateful for light falling through the shades, striated and languid–the sun has yet to die; we get to have another day. I am grateful for snuggly cats seeking me out in quiet moments (it’s pretty much guaranteed that if you have cats and lay down with a book, a cat will manifest on your chest). I am grateful for the soreness of muscles that have worked hard and dry, worn hands–a working creator’s hands.

I am grateful for the books I can get cozy with and lost in (The Heart’s Invisible Furies and The Darkness Outside Us right now). I’m grateful for the movies and shows that fill up my well, for the memories of my father that come to me when I watch Star Trek: Next Generation–he was a sci-fi and fantasy geek like I am now, and I never realized that before. I am grateful to keep finding books and film and art and music to enjoy because it means the hunger inside of me is infinite. And it means the hunger inside others is infinite. And it means that I will never run out of experiences that let me feel connected to other human beings and their voices and stories.

I am grateful for the people giving me the opportunity to work with them and the venues who have published and will publish my own attempts to connect with other humans. The Grey Rooms Podcast accepted my first short story (twenty drafts later, mind you), and I will get to hear that story being given life.

I am grateful for the girl who used to come home from working two and three jobs while going to school full time to burn the midnight oil writing crappy stories. For the woman who continues writing with a demanding day job and two 5-year-olds. The stories are still crappy sometimes, but I am grateful for them, grateful for the passion and my patience to continue working with them, to mold each story into its final form.

I am grateful for the story I am molding right now.

6 thoughts on “A State of Gratitude”

  1. Oh, THIS! This, this, this! I loved it. So true and so inspiring. What a lovely glimpse into your journey and where you are right now. And congratulations on your acceptance to The Grey Rooms Podcast! I can’t wait to hear your story!

    1. Thank you, Carie! It’s funny. I had the idea for this yesterday and was making little notes for it. Then I saw your post in my inbox this morning, and it had a similar meditative quality. We haven’t written together in a while, but it’s cool seeing us sync up. 😊

  2. I love your gratitude but am sorry to hear that your kiddos are sick! Here’s hoping they get better soon, and that their parents stay well!
    I love that you recognize that infinite hunger for all things art in yourself and others.
    I love that you have connected with your father over sci-fi.
    I love that you persisted writing through such a crazy time in your life, and that it has PAID OFF!
    The world is such a better place because you and your work is in it!! Congrats again on your success and can’t wait to listen to your story on the podcast.
    🙂 🙂

  3. Gratitude is really a practice that can turn your perspective around, even on the roughest days, so thanks for reminding me of this, and for sharing all the things you’re grateful for. What a positive way to start the day!

    1. Aww, thank you, Stuart. And you are welcome. Your post on morning pages really has me thinking about my journaling habit and how there is a bit of self-censorship happening! I’m glad you found my post so that I could find yours.


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