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The Importance of Not Having A Plan

Going on a writing retreat without a plan as to what to write let’s you take in the beach, rather than wracking your brain for something that will be relevant to your readers. Write what’s natural to you, they say. … Continue reading

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The Writing Kind

“The sensual novelist and his admirer, are beings of depraved appetites and sickly imaginations, who having learnt the art of self-tormenting, are diligently and zealously employed in creating an imaginary world, which they can never inhabit, only to make the real … Continue reading

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A Work in Progress

It has been a  long time, my friends.This is due to a combination of things, including a promotion at work, moving, writer’s block (see also: procrastination, see also: fear), and teething twins. You may have noticed that I did deliver … Continue reading

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Creating New Year’s Intentions for Success

I’ve heard this phrase used a lot recently (including by my friend, Carie), and I like it. I tend to procrastinate without the structure of goals to keep me on track. But when I make resolutions, it feels like too … Continue reading

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Recovering from NaNoWriMo

So here we are, almost a week into December. Throughout these past few days, as I continue working on my novel–which I still love writing by the way–I have nevertheless begun to feel a malaise settle over me. I get into these slumps sometimes … Continue reading

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