2017 in Review; 2018 Goals

Reflecting on 2017 and looking forward at 2018.

I have a problem with negativity. Not in my life, but in my mind. I’ve been this way for as long as I can remember. Fortunately,  these posts forcing me to acknowledge my accomplishments and give myself goals to be more mindful help me to exorcise a little bit of that pessimism. So thank you for being a reader and for any comment-love you’ve given. Know that I appreciate you.

So here is what my 2017 looked like and what I hope for 2018.


2017 Achievements

  • I read 47 books of my goal of 30 (next post tallies my 2017 favorite reads), plus a TON of fanfic. Like, you have no idea. In retrospect, I might need a support group.
  • I submitted short stories 6 times and poetry 5 times, and I got 2 encouraging rejections back on one of my poems!
  • I finished my LGTBQ urban fantasy, The Space Between You and Me. 
  • Finished a 2nd draft of TSBY&M (I missed it, okay?!)
  • Between November 1st and December 31st I returned to my gothic WIP, Wrathmoor, that I had begun back in 2013 and stalled out on, and I wrote 8 chapters, totaling 52,780 new words written for the year (while listening to The Village soundtrack approximately 48 times).
  • I set up one bookshelf in my office, after a year and a half of living at my new place! And it’s pretty damn fine, just sayin’

  • I revamped and resurrected my Instagram to focus on one of my favorite things in the world: books!
  • Attended a Maggie Stiefvater signing that was just *kisses fingers*
  • I went on a writing retreat with my bestie
  • Alongside my husband, successfully grew two babies into mini-humans who talk, sing, throw tantrums, and celebrate the general chaos of life in high Dionysian fashion


My goals for 2018:

  • Read 40 books. Follow me on Goodreads to see how I’m doing
  • Finish my office (maybe get on Annie Neugebauer’s The Decorative Writer, cause I’m a goal-oriented nerd like that)
  • Publish a poem, short story, or article. If I achieve this in 2018, I am allowing myself to buy a domain for my website, so simple domain name and no more ads! (Apologies for any assault upon your person those ads may have wrought)
  • Finish 3rd draft of The Space Between You and Me, polish a blurb and synopsis, and begin the submission process
  • Finish 1st draft of Wrathmoor
  • Brainstorm for what will be my 8th novel, The Rosen Tales; and Other Points of Contention, a contemporary/literary mystery with sparks of fantasy shot through. Comparable titles are Byatt’s Possession and The Madwoman Upstairs. Though this idea is probably entirely out of my depth, I am really looking forward to it.

Some less specific goals:

  • Write at least once a week.
  • Reflect often on the positive things in my life
  • Embrace, appreciate, and love my life, because it’s mine and no one else’s. This goes hand-in-hand with not comparing myself or my work or my life to others’.  Everyone’s got their own things, and yeah, it’s cool I can kill cacti (yeah, multiple) with almost no effort at all and play the opening of Malaguñea on guitar and nothing else. I’m gonna own it.
  • Take adventures. I often idly wish I could travel, but I’ve decided I am going to be a bit more spontaneous about this desire and just get out there and do stuff. Our little town has quite a few places for good close-to-home adventure. I’ll be sure to post pics or my super eloquent philosophications on them (Not).

So there are my goals for this big and wonderful year. I hope you are feeling refreshed by the new start as well. What are your resolutions, goals, or intentions for 2018? Inspire me in the comments.

13 thoughts on “2017 in Review; 2018 Goals”

  1. I meant to comment sooner on this, sorry. I LOVE goal posts, no pun intended.

    I also encouraged my writing accountability group to stop and make a list of all of their writing accomplishments for 2017, which is a great springboard into the new year, if you ask me, because you see what you’re capable of when you’re not even trying as hard as you might. (By “you” I mean people in general, of course.)

    You accomplished so much this year! Brava!! I remember you tweeting about your writing retreat. Ah, warm, summer days…miss those.

    AND you have Possession prominently displayed. That novel’s cleverness is one I constantly think about when I’m writing. I aspire to its literary heights.

    I picked up a new tip I’m trying this year: write your year’s writing goals daily. I’ve missed a few days, but I find myself pondering what I need to do next to meet those goals if I keep them before my face every day. I find myself switching back and forth between tasks more smoothly because I know if I don’t, I may hit one goal but certainly not all of them.

    It’s 2018 — let’s do this!

    1. “Writing accountability group”–I love that! The bi-weekly writing review sessions I have with my best friend are totally that for me–they make me write for someone to read it. That is after all, why we do this, right?

      Yes, writing out the things one has already accomplished, even if they had not made any kind of goals, is stirring and inspiring.

      I am SO excited about Possession, especially knowing someone (with similar reading interests) who’s read it and appreciated it.

      I will have to try that writing the goals daily! Thank you for sharing my achievements and your encouragement, Drema! Let’s wreck this year!…Or you know, just use every day to it’s fullest.

  2. That bookcase is on point, gurl! And you absolutely need some type of narcotics anonymous for the fan-fic obsessed. If goodreads counted fan fic, you would have like a hundred books this year lol. #drarry #pynch. Is your resolution to do more things include day trips to meet authors we’re obsessed with? Cuz i’m always down. And by saying that you’re out of depth for Rosen Tales, you’re already fostering that negativity you’re trying to avoid. It’s going to be an amazing passion project and I’m so excited for you.

    1. Awww, thanks for calling me out on that, bestie. You’re right. I’m gonna OWN it! Thanks for being excited with me. Yes, author signings are one of those adventures–super excited for our next one! And thank you for appreciating my bookshelf. You’re my writing/ready soulmate, like for real.

  3. I love everything about this. I am forever in awe at how much you accomplish with your writing in the midst of so much life, and I can’t wait to see what all is on your 2018 success list. Also, the cold front I’ve been waiting for all evening literally blew in right when I switched from reading your 2017 accomplishments to reading your 2018 goals. The curtains swooshed into the room and everything. It felt very portentous. 🙂


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